Date: Saturday. September 4  – Saturday, September 11, 2021.

Zen Center Vienna @ Buddhistisches Zentrum Scheibbs (Lower Austria).

Teachers: ZM Hyon Ja, Knud Rosenmayr JDPSN, Jan Sendzimir SDT.


Zen is not what you think!

Zen is based on Buddhist meditation techniques which have been taught for over 2500 years. This silent retreat offers the chance to intensify your practice of meditation. The daily schedule includes Zen in sitting, walking, chanting, Kong-an training, and formal meals. Personal interviews with the teachers are part of the retreat schedule. The interviews can be done in English, German and Spanish.

It is a retreat open for all, including beginners, who are ready to practice together, pause and investigate deeply their life. Introduction and instruction are offered at the start and all through the retreat. Participation for three days (Saturday to Tuesday or Wednesday to Friday) is possible.


Arrival: Individually by car or train (train station nearby), carpooling may be available.

Price: €70.-/per day and night. Includes all meals and shared accommodation. For members, students and jobless we offer a 10% discount. A limited contingent of double and single rooms (at an additional cost) is available for special needs.

Event fee: Donation (Dāna) requested. 


Information: moc.l1718804961iamg@1718804961annei1718804961vnezm1718804961unawk1718804961/ 0650 9949 546

Info-Sheet + Price Overview (➾PDF download)

Registration:  moc.l1718804961iamg@1718804961taert1718804961er.ne1718804961zmuna1718804961wk1718804961

Note: Please bring a negative Covid test or a vaccination certificate!

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