Update 2022-12-07: This Zen Day will be held online only!


Teacher: Knud Rosenmayr JDPSN. 
Beginning: 7 a.m.
End: 4 p.m.

Zen Days are short retreats that give us the opportunity to pause briefly and intensively: We come back to our breath and concentrate on the immediate Now – beyond all appointments, worries, and obligations. Many people experience this as liberating and relieving, they draw strength and orientation from this experience.

We welcome you to the Zen Center to practice together – you can also participate online via Zoom! – Please register by December 5: we politely reserve the right to hold the Zen Day as an “online only” event if the number of registrations is low. Those who register will be notified in due time!

There will be individual koan teachings: Beginners and novices are also welcome. Practice and talks can be completed in German and English.

Registration and information: ta.ne1718807615zmuna1718807615wk@of1718807615ni1718807615 or via contact form.

Please register by December 5!

Fees: Guests/Non-Members: €50.-, Members: €40.-; Online Participation: €40.-; Dharma teachers (in training): €25.-. Reductions upon individual agreements are possible.*



7:00-7:30 4 Great Vows

108 Prostrations

7:30- 8:00 1 x 30 minutes Zen Meditation
8:00-8:10 Chanting

Heart Sutra, Great Dharani

8:10-09:30 Breakfast + Work at the Zen Center

Second Entrance

4 x 30 minutes Zen Meditation


12:00-13:30 Lunch + Work at the Zen Center


3 x 30 minutes Zen Meditation


15:20- 16:00 Questions and Answers, Circle Talk, Dharma Talk
16:00 4 Great Vows



*Bank details:
Koreanische Zen Gemeinschaft
Raiffeisen Bank. IBAN: AT95 3200 0000 1179 4252; Swift: RLNWATWW
Purpose: “Zen Day, December 10, 2022”.

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