Update 2022-11-08: This Zen Day will be held online only.


Teachers: Knud Rosenmayr JDPSN, Lubor Kosut SDT. 
Beginning: 7 a.m.
End: 4 p.m.

This Zen Day of the Vienna Zen Center together with the Bratislava Zen Center offers the opportunity to pause and come back to your breath: The event is designed for personal participation at the Zen Center as well as for participation via Zoom. (We politely reserve the right to hold it as an online-only event via Zoom at short notice and in dialogue with the participants!)

Registration and information: ta.ne1716177363zmuna1716177363wk@of1716177363ni1716177363 or via contact form.

Please register no later than 3 days before the start of the retreat!

Fees: Guests/Non-Members: €50.-, Members: €40.-; Online Participation: €40.-; Dharma teachers (in training): €25.-. Reductions upon individual agreements are possible.*



7:00-7:30 4 Great Vows

108 Prostrations

7:30- 8:00 1 x 30 minutes Zen Meditation
8:00-8:10 Chanting

Heart Sutra, Great Dharani

8:10-09:30 Breakfast + Work at the Zen Center

Second Entrance

4 x 30 minutes Zen Meditation


12:00-13:30 Lunch + Work at the Zen Center


3 x 30 minutes Zen Meditation


15:20- 16:00 Questions and Answers, Circle Talk, Dharma Talk
16:00 4 Great Vows



*Bank details for Vienna students:
Koreanische Zen Gemeinschaft
Raiffeisen Bank. IBAN: AT95 3200 0000 1179 4252; Swift: RLNWATWW
Purpose: “Zen Day, November 12, 2022”.

*Bank details for Bratislava students (for the members of the Bratislava Sangha applies a reduced fee, which will be communicated by their teacher):
IBAN: SK77 1100 0000 0026 2243 1269; Swift: TATRSKBX
Purpose: “Zen Day, November 12, 2022”.


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