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Hosts: Father Kevin Hunt OCSO Roshi, José Ramirez JDPSN, ZM Hyon Ja, Knud Rosenmayr JDPSN (Providence Zen Center in cooperation with the Vienna Zen Center).

Date/Time: Saturday, 08.01.2022
Time US (Providence): 9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
Time Europe (Vienna): 15:00-19:00 Uhr.

Registration and information: ta.ne1718808425zmuna1718808425wk@of1718808425ni1718808425 or via contact form.

€ 40.- for non-members/guests*
€ 30.- for members, senior citizens, full-time students*
Free for the Q & A period. – The fee will enable further Christian-Buddhist projects.


Christians and Buddhists can use very similar techniques of contemplative prayer and meditation to help make their spiritual teachings a living part of their daily existence. This retreat emphasizes sitting and walking meditation and includes talks and discussion. Beginners are welcome!

The mediation part of this Christian-Buddhist-Retreat is reserved for a limited number of participants. The Q & A part at the end is open to all (after previous registration)!



US time EU time
09:00 a.m. 15:00 Uhr Welcome & Intro.
09:10–11:40 a.m. 15:10–17:40 Uhr 4 x 30′ Zazen and kong-an interviews with Father Kevin Hunt and José Ramirez JDPSN (limited number of participants).
11:40 a.m. –12:55 p.m. 17:40–18:55 Uhr Q & A with Father Kevin Hunt, ZM Hyon Ja, José Ramirez JDPSN, Knud Rosenmayr JDPSN (open to all after previous registration).
12:55 p.m. 18:55 Uhr Kwan Seum Bosal-Chanting and Gregorian Chant.
01:00 p.m. 19:00 Uhr End.


*Name of Account: Koreanische Zen Gemeinschaft
Raiffeisen Bank. IBAN: AT95 3200 0000 1179 4252. Swift: RLNWATWW
Purpose: “Christian-Buddhist Retreat January 2022”


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