Vienna Zen Center


Teacher: ZM Ji Kwang  Zen Zentrum Wien/Vienna Zen Center

Start: 07:00

End: 16:00

Retreats allow us to deepen our practice and come back to our breath. We look through our habitual thought patterns and find the source of our deepest wisdom and goodness. 

This time we welcome ZM Ji Kwang (Berlin Zen Center) as the teacher of this short retreat at the Vienna zen Center: We are looking forward to your coming in person, but of course, it will also be possible to participate via Zoom. Please register soon so that we can plan! 

Beginners are warmly welcome!

Zen Master Ji Kwang (Dr. Roland Wöhrle-Chon) was born in Germany in 1960. He studied philosophy and psychology in Bonn, Berlin and Madurai (India), where he had his first contact with yoga and meditation.

Zen Master Ji Kwang holds a doctorate in psychology and works as a social scientist for the German government. He is married and has two children. Together with his wife, Zen Master Gu Ja, he founded the Zen Center Berlin and the Kwan Um Zen School Germany in 1990. In February 2000, he received Inka (teaching permission), and in April 2012, he received transmission from Zen Master Wu Bong. Zen Master Ji Kwang is currently the lead teacher of the European Kwan Um School of Zen.


Registration and information:ta.ne1718804488zmuna1718804488wk@of1718804488ni 1718804488 or via the contact form.

We kindly request registration at least 3 days before the retreat!

Fee: Guests/non-members: €50.-, members: €40.-; online participation: €30.-; Dharma teachers (in training): €25.-. Discounts by individual arrangement are possible.*



06:50 Eintritt Zoom Entry via Zoom
07:00 4 Große Gelöbnisse, 108 Niederwerfungen 4 Great Vows, 108 Bows
07:30 2 x 30 Minuten Meditation im Sitzen 2 x 30 minutes sitting meditation
08:40 Chanten: Heart Sutra (in English)

Große Dharani (> Textlink)

Chanting: Heart Sutra (in English)

Great Dharani (> link to the texts)

09:00 Frühstück + Arbeit (schweigend) Breakfast + work (in silence)
10:30 3 x 30 Minuten Meditation im Sitzen

Koan bzw. Beratungsgespräch

3 x 30 minutes sitting meditation


12:30 Mittagsessen (schweigend) Lunch  (in silence)
13:30 3 x 30 Minuten Meditation im Sitzen


3 x 30 minutes sitting meditation


15:25 Dharma-Rede oder Gruppengespräch Dharma talk/circle talk
16:00 4 Große Gelöbnisse


4 Great Vows



*Bank account:
Koreanische Zen Gemeinschaft
Raiffeisen Bank. IBAN: AT95 3200 0000 1179 4252; Swift: RLNWATWW
Purpose: “One-Day-Retreat, April 1”.

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