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ZM Hyon JaVienna Zen Center

Su Bong Zen Monastery: 12/27 Practice with Guest Teacher (ZM Hyon Ja)

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Join us online for an afternoon of together practice on Sunday, December 27. We have invited Zen Master Hyon Ja (Alma Potter), together with Zen Master Dae Kwan, to lead our practice, give Dharma talks and take our questions.  Teacher: Zen…
Transmission Ceremony: Hyon Ja SSN Kwan um Zen School Europe/Zen Centre Vienna Zen Centre Vienna, Sept 26, 2020

Hyon Ja SSN: Transmission Talk (Sept. 26, 2020)

  (Raises the Zen stick over her head and hits the table with the stick.) The 6th Patriarch said to Fada: If your mouth recites while your mind does not practice, then the Sutra “turns” you. If your mouth recites and your mind…
MAHA SANGHA-Samstage im Dezember 2020 , Zen Zentrum Wien

MAHA SANGHA Saturdays in December

The month of December is the month of love and compassion. It is a really special time for us to come together — especially now when the Corona Virus is affecting everyone's health and lockdowns are making it impossible to come together face…