"House": Painting by Liam, 6 years old.© Liam

Knud Rosenmayr JDPSN: Painting inside (Dharma Note)

  ➾ Download full text   In these days of the pandemic, there is a strong connection between us humans that can be felt. Of course, on one side we may notice it on a superficial level, but also deep down there is a close bond. We…
Thangka, Vienna Zen Center© czz

Zooooom into 2022 with the Bratislava Sangha!

  The Bratislava Sangha offers a short Online Practice on New Year's Eve. Date/Time: 31.12.2021:11 p.m.– 12 p.m. (23:00–24 Uhr) Teacher: Lubor Košút SDT Registration and access: Please register via moc.l1716171579iamg@1716171579801cz1716171579b1716171579. The…
Unmunsa Temple© Jan Sendzimir.

KUSZ ‘Maha Sangha’ Morning Practice: Sunday, Dec. 19th, 2021

    Let’s practice together and bring the light of our clear minds into the lives of all around us!   Hosts: ZM Hyon Ja, Jan Sendzimir. Dharma Talk by ZM Ji Kwang. Beginning: 8 a.m. End: 11:10 a.m. Registration…