ZM Dae Kwang @ Vienna Zen Center 2022-07-15Vienna Zen Center

ZM Dae Kwang: Becoming a Monk is not special: It is a Kind of Technique (Dharma Note)

  ➾ Deutsche Version This is an excerpt from the Dharma talk given by ZM Dae Kwang at the Vienna Zen Center weekend retreat on July 15, 2022. * I have a question, please. I've heard that you are a monk, and I would like to ask what…
ZM Hyon JaVienna Zen Center

Su Bong Zen Monastery: 12/27 Practice with Guest Teacher (ZM Hyon Ja)

Join us online for an afternoon of together practice on Sunday, December 27. We have invited Zen Master Hyon Ja (Alma Potter), together with Zen Master Dae Kwan, to lead our practice, give Dharma talks and take our questions.  Teacher: Zen…