Let’s practice together and bring the light of our clear minds into the lives of all around us!


Hosts: ZM Hyon Ja, Jan Sendzimir. Dharma Talk by ZM Ji Kwang.

Beginning: 8 a.m.

End: 11:10 a.m.

Registration and information: (form at the bottom of the page; the zoom link will then be sent by mail).

Cost: Donation (Dana) to the European Kwan Um School of Zen.*


December is a traditional time to see all our friends and family and ask: “how did we all do this year?“ KUSZ Maha Sangha Morning Practice is about seeing our Dharma friends as the year ends.  We dedicate this morning practice to our Sangha community around Europe.

Winter has come and we light up the fireplace and put a blanket on our knees as we sit silently in meditation. Hyon Ja and Jan Sendzimir in the Vienna Zen Center invite all to join in and bow, sit, chant and listen to a great Dharma Talk by Zen Master Ji Kwang. All participating KUSZ teachers will answer questions.



8:05108 Bows
8:30Dedicated chanting Kwan Seum Bosal
8:552 x 30 minutes Zen meditation (with 5 minutes break in between)
10:00Dharma talk
10:20Open space for questions and answers.
11:00Four Great Vows and End (closing speech).


*Kwan Um School of Zen; IBAN: DE59 1005 0000 0190 502142; SWIFT: BELADEBEXX.


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Illustration: Unmunsa (Gloud Gate Temple, Korean: 운문사) is a Buddhist temple located in the southernmost part of the Taebaek Mountains in Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea. It was built AD 560 and serves as the largest training center (gangwon) for nuns in South Korea. The temple was visited by the Kwan Um School during the “Whole World is a Single Flower” conference in the Autumn of 2014. Photo: © Jan Sendzimir.


Vienna Zen Center © Jan Sendzimir 2012


Zen-Day and Consulting Interviews via Zoom

Organized by the Zen Center Vienna in cooperation with the Zen Centers Bratislava and Budapest.


Teachers: Lubor Košút SDT, Jan Sendzimir SDT

First Entrance: 7 a.m., Second Entrance: 10 a.m.

End: 4:10 p.m. 

Registration and information: moc.l1639044379iamg@1639044379mizdn1639044379es1639044379 or via contact form

Fee: €20.- member, €30.- non-member/guest, €10.- students or financially challenged.*




First Entrance

108 BOWS

4 Great Vows

7:30- 8:402 x 30 minutes Zen in sitting

Heart Sutra (German) Great Dharani

8:50-10:00Breakfast (alone)

Second Entrance

3 x 30 minutes Zen in sitting

Consulting Interviews

11:50-13:00Lunch (alone)


3 x 30 minutes Zen in sitting

Consulting Interviews

14:50- 15:50Dharma Talk

Questions and Answers

Circle Talk




Heart Sutra (German)

Great Dharani

4 Great Vows




*Name on Account: Koreanische Zen Gemeinschaft

Raiffeisen Bank. IBAN: AT95 3200 0000 1179 4252. Swift: RLNWATWW

Purpose: “Zen Day May 2021”

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