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Jan Sendzimir JDPSN: When April Stays Wild All Year Long – Dharma Note, April 2023

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  Spring came early this year, announced by the first white flowers of fruiting trees. And suddenly snow comes on a cold wind, pulling us back into Winter. Rocking back and forth between the seasons, we are reminded of the old saying:…
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Jan Sendzimir JDPSN: Where is Home? (Dharma Note)

Inka Speech, September 03, 2022*   Home is Not Home. Not Home is Home! (Hit) No Home. No not home! (Hit) Home is Home. Not Home is not-home, which one of these statements is correct? KATZ! Bright faces shine in the morning light.   Where…
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Knud Rosenmayr JDPSN: What is that? (Wild Ducks) – Dharma Note

  There is a well-known story from China about Zen Master Ma Jo (Mazu in Chinese) and his famous student Baek Jang (Paichang in Chinese). Ma Jo lived in the 8th century and was one of the most famous Zen Masters of the Tang dynasty. One…
ZM Dae Kwang @ Vienna Zen Center 2022-07-15Vienna Zen Center

ZM Dae Kwang: Becoming a Monk is not special: It is a Kind of Technique (Dharma Note)

  ➾ Deutsche Version This is an excerpt from the Dharma talk given by ZM Dae Kwang at the Vienna Zen Center weekend retreat on July 15, 2022. * I have a question, please. I've heard that you are a monk, and I would like to ask what…