“The precepts are like a lighthouse. A lighthouse has two functions, it can be seen from afar,
and it gives direction when we are lost.” (Knud Rosenmayr JDPSN)


We cordially invite you to a Precepts’ Ceremony on Saturday, August 12, from 3 to 5 pm at the Zen Center.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!



15:00 Chanting, 2 x 30’ Zen-Meditation Chanting, 2 x 30’ Zen-Meditation
16:20 Gelübde-Zeremonie Precepts’ Ceremony
17:00 Ende End


“The first five precepts can be taken by anyone, whether they are members of the Kwan Um School of Zen or not. Taking the 5 precepts does not mean you are suddenly a Buddhist. The person making the intention of following the 5 precepts receives a Buddhist name and a brown “kasa”. Zen Master Seung Sahn taught us that the kasa is symbolic: ‘A kasa has different numbers of squares and lines. There are five points – east, west, north, south, and a middle. This means the whole world. Wearing this kasa, we symbolically carry the whole world with us; that means we are not separate from the world, and we take cares of all beings. The robes and kasa are different; robes are Taoist style clothes; the kasa is a symbol of renunciation, of leaving behind ego and small I.'” (Zen Master Hyon Ja)


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