Sangha weekend

This year the Transmission Ceremony and the Meeting of Members will be held over the internet on Zoom.


26 September 2020 (Please register before 20th September 2020 – see below)

Transmission Ceremony

During the transmission ceremony the new Zen Master will do a short Dharma exchange, give a formal Dharma talk, receive a new name and becomes a successor in Zen Master Seung Sahn’s lineage.

Please join us at this rare opportunity to witness this ceremony!

If you want to attend then please register by filling out the following form. You will then receive an invitation with all the contact details for attending the ceremony on Zoom.

Registration form

Jo-Alma Potter JDPSN


10:00 Transmission ceremony of Jo-Alma Potter JDPSN

Meeting of Members agenda and more

For information about the MoM agenda and reports of the anual meeting just follow this link.


If you have any kind of questions please don’t hesitate and contact us.


+43 650 660 5252